When lifting thin plates with several suction cups, the weight of the sheet itself may cause a certain bending. Using RSN ball joints attached to the suction cups reduces the stress caused by the bending.

In other cases, the stacked sheets are not totally flat or horizontal. RSN ball joints, combined with TLC compensating spring, allow the system to adapt to these differences in level.

Some features of RSN balljoints:


  • Tilting capability to any suction cup, with a low center of rotation
  • Auto-return to the vertical position
  • They are completely safe, because they have an internal mechanical connection
  • The maximum working angle is about 20 degrees from vertical (approximate value depending on model)
  • They are manufactured in G1/4″, G3/8″ and G1/2″
  • They are fully vacuum-tight sealed, so they can work within security and energy saving systems

More information about RSN ball joints