Modular VMD vacuum cups are composed of:

  • Hard rubber body with bellow shape for height compensation.
  • Lip in soft rubber for perfect sealing. This reduces the required suction flow, also reducing costs on vacuum generation.

This configuration allows, on one hand, a perfect adaptation to all surfaces and objects (deformable or rigid), and on the other hand, a high rigidity when moving the clamped object.

The new complete family of modular suction cups VMD includes different lips: flat, deep, double seal version for rough surfaces, natural rubber or translucent FDA silicone. Available diameters: Ø60, 70,80,90 mm.

The bodies are available in two sizes (Ø60 and Ø90 mm) and in long or short versions bellows.

A rectangular suction cup size 130 x 104 mm completes the VMD family.

Finally, note the new quick-change system rubber lip, which allows quick and easy replacement without sacrificing the strength of the union.