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Vacuum Generators

VIDEO: NK vacuum ejectors


VIDEO: Robot handling-bags of frozen product


Vacuum material used: Suction cup VMD, special for bags and packages / Multi-stage vacuum generator SKN



VIDEO – Fast handling of doughnuts

New high flow vacuum ejectors K AQ+


The K AQ+ vacuum ejectors aspirate up to 80% more flow, maintaining the range of air consumption, and obtaining a maximum vacuum of -450 mbar.

Developed for applications in which we need to take advantage of the energy in generating a lot of suction flow, but a high degree of vacuum is not necessary.

Main examples of handling:

  • Deformable elements such as bags, packages or small bags.
  • Very porous and light materials such as expanded polystyrene, foams or fibers.

Package manipulation (video)

Handling of bags


Special suction cups for bag handling in any industry, either in lifters for operator assistance or in automated systems.

  • Suitable for bags of any material, including plastic, paper or raffia.
  • Models for small / medium bags and large versions up to 60-70 kg.
  • Double closing lip in Polyurethane or Natural rubber of high durability.
  • Stainless steel body.
  • Prepared for direct coupling of the vacuum generator.
  • KZ series pneumatic vacuum generators especially suitable for use in environments with dirt, dust or particles. They support the rupture of the bag and suction of product without affecting its operation.

FK individual ejectors



Ribbed glass handling


In this turnkey solution, we developed a complete vacuum lifter for glass parts. These parts weren’t smooth, and for this reason it wasn’t possible to use standard suction cups.


  • Vacuum security system. A visual and audible alarm is activated if the vacuum level is not enough.
  • Redundant safety system with mechanical claws.
  • Central square suction pad for short glass parts.
  • Two side square suction pad, deployable for longer glass parts.
  • Rotation (pitch) for final positioning in public works.

L-VAC modules with hole selector


L-VAC modules simplify the gripping and vacuum handling of multi-format materials such as wooden plates, ceramics, cardboard boxes, or any non-deformable part with flat surface available.

AR hole selector allow to easily pick the leaking hole for each position, chossing between four options: Ø0,8 / Ø1 / Ø1.5 / Ø2 mm.

This is commonly used, for example, to increase the diameter of the holes when handling more porous materials, or to reduce the loss of vacuum through some holes that may remain free.




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