Improve any industrial process easily with vacuum automation.


Vacuum handling

VIDEO: NK vacuum ejectors


Clamping of rough plastic parts



Clamping of automotive interior panels by suction cups in assembly processes.

The rough surface does not allow the use of a standard suction cup.

The VMDF suction cup with VMDLP lip, special for this type of surfaces, offers the following advantages:

  • Double closing lip in material of low hardness.
  • Harder bellows for stiff grip.
  • Removable lip for replacement without replacing the complete suction cup.
  • Available in various sizes.


Detectable suction cups for food industry


AR Suction cups made of SAD silicone of high durability with the following characteristics:

  • Silicone suitable for contact with food according to FDA and European regulations EU 1935/2004
  • Material detectable by standard metal detectors, used in food industry to detect contamination and unwanted objects between food products.
  • Blue color for visual contrast with most food.
  • Working temperature range -40 ° C to + 200 ° C
  • Design with smooth surfaces easy to clean.
  • Suitable for handling of packaged or unpackaged product.

VIDEO: Robot handling-bags of frozen product


Vacuum material used: Suction cup VMD, special for bags and packages / Multi-stage vacuum generator SKN



VFP suction pads for rough surfaces

New suction cups for surfaces with a certain roughness or with small grooves. With bellows structure to compensate for differences in height or slight inclinations.

Available in various materials and in diameters 18 and 20 mm.

VIDEO – Fast handling of doughnuts

New high flow vacuum ejectors K AQ+


The K AQ+ vacuum ejectors aspirate up to 80% more flow, maintaining the range of air consumption, and obtaining a maximum vacuum of -450 mbar.

Developed for applications in which we need to take advantage of the energy in generating a lot of suction flow, but a high degree of vacuum is not necessary.

Main examples of handling:

  • Deformable elements such as bags, packages or small bags.
  • Very porous and light materials such as expanded polystyrene, foams or fibers.

Package manipulation (video)

VSP suction cups for the aeronautics industry


Specially designed  for the handling of carbon fiber compounds in the aeronautical industry:

  • Chemically compatible rubber formulation for cured or uncured carbon fiber composites.
  • They do not cause deformation on the surface of the fiber piece.

Also useful in other applications where the suction cup can protrude from the part:



Ribbed glass handling


In this turnkey solution, we developed a complete vacuum lifter for glass parts. These parts weren’t smooth, and for this reason it wasn’t possible to use standard suction cups.


  • Vacuum security system. A visual and audible alarm is activated if the vacuum level is not enough.
  • Redundant safety system with mechanical claws.
  • Central square suction pad for short glass parts.
  • Two side square suction pad, deployable for longer glass parts.
  • Rotation (pitch) for final positioning in public works.

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