Improve any industrial process easily with vacuum automation.

Handling of bags


Special suction cups for bag handling in any industry, either in lifters for operator assistance or in automated systems.

  • Suitable for bags of any material, including plastic, paper or raffia.
  • Models for small / medium bags and large versions up to 60-70 kg.
  • Double closing lip in Polyurethane or Natural rubber of high durability.
  • Stainless steel body.
  • Prepared for direct coupling of the vacuum generator.
  • KZ series pneumatic vacuum generators especially suitable for use in environments with dirt, dust or particles. They support the rupture of the bag and suction of product without affecting its operation.

FK individual ejectors



5 Advantages of pneumatic vacuum generators


    Compressed air is usually available in the areas of industrial
    production, so just feed the vacuum ejector from the supply,
    ensuring that the working pressure is adequate.
    The characteristics of AR vacuum generators allow mounting
    at any point of the system, regardless of orientation or
    whether it is a moving element. Mounting them close to the
    application will reduce the response time.
    AR vacuum generators allow instant an repetitive on / off
    switching, which results on a major energy saving.
    With no moving parts inside, AR vacuum generators do not
    require any maintenance except in very dirty environments,
    where a simple cleaning is sufficient.
    For its operating principle, vacuum generators do not heat or
    vibrate when working.


VZ flat suction cups



The new range of flat suction VZ offers the following advantages:

  • Redesigned rubber anti-slip sole to withstand accelerations / decelerations in the process of moving parts.
  • Totally flat, without height differences in the contact zone, eliminates deformation when thin plates are handled. For example, when taking melamine sheets from a stack, they avoid the effect of adhesion between them, which usually occurs when other types of suction cups are used.
  • Supports handling slightly roughened surfaces, thanks to its triple sealing lip.
  • Its low height facilitates entry into limited areas (eg power presses)
  • Available in Ø175 and Ø225 mm.




Handling of fruit

Vf51 / 3 suction cup is designed specifically for handling fruit:

  • Thanks to its double lip design, its grip supports high displacement speeds with different kinds of fruits
  • The bellows allows the grip of different sizes without changing the maneuver.
  • Upon contact, the bellows retracts, raising the fruit about 30 mm
  • The body design avoids swings in displacement once compacted by vacuum action
  • Made of FDA silicone suitable for food industry


Expansion of facilities

AR  expands its facilities in Sant Joan Despi (Barcelona) with a new mechanical workshop, mold workshop, new assembly area and new automatic vertical warehouses to stock finished product.




VMD suction cups


Modular VMD vacuum cups are composed of:

  • Hard rubber body with bellow shape for height compensation.
  • Lip in soft rubber for perfect sealing. This reduces the required suction flow, also reducing costs on vacuum generation.

This configuration allows, on one hand, a perfect adaptation to all surfaces and objects (deformable or rigid), and on the other hand, a high rigidity when moving the clamped object.

The new complete family of modular suction cups VMD includes different lips: flat, deep, double seal version for rough surfaces, natural rubber or translucent FDA silicone. Available diameters: Ø60, 70,80,90 mm.

The bodies are available in two sizes (Ø60 and Ø90 mm) and in long or short versions bellows.

A rectangular suction cup size 130 x 104 mm completes the VMD family.

Finally, note the new quick-change system rubber lip, which allows quick and easy replacement without sacrificing the strength of the union.


VIDEO: Bag handling



VMD suction cup,  specially designed for handling small to medium size bags .

It consists of two separate parts:

  • Hard rubber body with bellow shape for height compensation.
  • Double lip in soft rubber for perfect sealing. This reduces the required suction flow, also reducing costs on vacuum generation.

It includes a filtering grid to prevent aspiration of dirt or particles.

Ribbed glass handling


In this turnkey solution, we developed a complete vacuum lifter for glass parts. These parts weren’t smooth, and for this reason it wasn’t possible to use standard suction cups.


  • Vacuum security system. A visual and audible alarm is activated if the vacuum level is not enough.
  • Redundant safety system with mechanical claws.
  • Central square suction pad for short glass parts.
  • Two side square suction pad, deployable for longer glass parts.
  • Rotation (pitch) for final positioning in public works.

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